5PCS 4 40V Round LED Display Panel Voltmeter Electric Voltage Meter Volt Tester for Auto Car Motorcycle Battery Cart

5PCS 4 40V Round LED Display Panel Voltmeter Electric Voltage Meter Volt Tester for Auto Car Motorcycle Battery Cart
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Oписание продукта

Desktop 4 1/2 LED digital display, AC AC 220V power supply, continuous long-term work. The input impedance can be 1GΩ-10GΩ, basically 1GΩ (1000MΩ). If there is a special requirement, in a certain measurement range, the input impedance can be done 100TΩ.

Introduction to the instrument
● Basic table using the United States imported high-precision CMOS A / D converter, six 0.5-inch red or green LED digital display (four and a half 19999 plus polarity), the measurement rate of 2.5 times / sec, the temperature automatically compensates, the input polarity Automatic discrimination, over-range flashing alarm.
● On the basis of the basic table, realize the DC voltage (DC) by increasing the control conversion, precision high impedance, precision low bias current meter amplifier, various waveform high precision real RMS / DC voltage (TRMS / DC) -mV.V), the AC voltage (TRMS-mV.V: AC) accurate multi-range measurement.
● Basic range third gear, DC, AC, respectively: 20V 200V 2000V, touch the button to switch, the decimal point automatically shift range, the corresponding invalid zero automatic elimination, input resistance 1GΩ -10GΩ (standard is 1GΩ), of which:
(1) range 20V three decimal point, resolution 1mV full scale 19.999V
(2) range 200V two decimal point, resolution 10mV full scale 199.99V
(3) range 2000V a decimal point, resolution 0.1V full scale 1999.9V
● Due to the high input impedance, noise interference in the measurement environment can easily affect the test accuracy, AC (AC) will be more obvious. Therefore, use as far as possible away from the noise interference source.
● Accuracy: 0.2% higher than DC; AC higher than 1.0%, the range of independent calibration methods, do not affect each other.
● Overload tolerance: 2500V peak. Due to input high resistance, can be measured similar to the electrostatic voltage.
● window with deep filter, showing bright and clear, soft and natural, natural light can also be observed.
● independent development and design, the use of double-sided PCB board, plug and patch mixed manufacturing process, high-quality components, stable and reliable, inexpensive.
● Standard industrial desktop instrument case (195 * 70 * 175mm), AC 220V power supply. Applicable to measurement, monitoring, commissioning, maintenance, experiments and other occasions.
  Note: According to the user requirements of the technical parameters, display, function and other customized to meet the actual needs.