Digital LCD K24 Flow Meter Turbine Diesel Fuel Flow Tester for Chemicals Water Sea Liquid Flow Meters Measuring Tools

Digital LCD K24 Flow Meter Turbine Diesel Fuel Flow Tester for Chemicals Water Sea Liquid Flow Meters Measuring Tools
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PLC water flow meter diesel flowmeter liquid turbine flow meter sensor transmitter lwgy-40 threaded connection

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1, this LWGY series turbine flowmeter is by flow sensor and display meter component is the abroad advanced technology production, is the ideal liquid measure one of flow meter. Flowmeter has simple structure, high precision, installation maintenance convenient use, etc. The products are widely used in oil, chemical industry, metallurgy, water supply, paper making, environmental protection, food, and other fields, suitable for measuring the closed in the pipe and no fiber, particle impurity liquid. Especially suitable for and secondary display, PLC, DCS control system with the use of the computer, also can achieve automatic quantitative control, excessive alarm such use, is the ideal energy flow and instrument.

The product features:

 1. The sensor bearing push type so far, not only ensure accuracy, and improve its performance.

 2. Simple structure, firm and tear open outfit is convenient, applicable high pressure measurement.

 3. Wide measuring range, the diameter of 1:20, for small ", floor lower velocity.

 4. The pressure loss small, repeatability, short-term repeatability could reach 0.05% ~ 0.2%. High precision, the general of plus or minus 1%, plus or minus 0.5%, high precision type of plus or minus 0.2%.

5. The output pulse frequency signal, and is suitable for transient flow, accumulated measurement, no zero drift, strong anti-interference ability.

main technical performance:

1. The nominal diameter: (4-200) mm basic parameters and selection of that see (table 1).

2. The temperature of the medium: standard (20-80)C; High-temperature type (20-120)C.

3. Environmental temperature: (20C)-to 55. 4. Must have the accuracy of the specific) : (plus or minus 0.2%, plus or minus 0.5%, plus or minus 1%.

The basic parameters and technical performance

 1,Meter diameter and connection :4, 6, 10, 15, 20, 25, 32, 40 using thread connection /  (15, 20, 25, 32, 40) 50, 65, 80, 100, 125, 150, 200 using flange connection

 2,accuracy class :+/-1%R, +/-0.5%R

3,Span ratio:1:10;1:15;1:20

 4,Instrument material:304 stainless steel, 316 (L) stainless steel, etc

 5,Tested medium temperature (C):-20~+120 C

 6,environment condition:Temperature-10 ~ + 55C, relative humidity 5% ~ 90%, the atmospheric pressure 86 ~ 106 Kpa

 7,output signal:Pulse frequency signal, low level than 0.8 V quartile high level 8 V

 8,Power Supply:+5-24DCV(optional)  current 10mA

 9,Signal transmission lines:STVPV3 x 0.3 (three wire)

10,transmission range:1000m

11,Line interface:Threaded M20 x 1.5

12,anti-hazard classification:ExdIIBT6

13,protection class:IP65




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